Surprising solutions

Tristar will offer you just that little extra. Over the years we’ve gained loads of experience and we’ve always managed to meet our customers’ demands. These experiences have turned into specialties. Below you’ll find our six specialties that bring just that little extra…

1. Private label opportunities

With our extensive knowledge of building assortments in different markets we can offer you suitable possibilities for your brand. We can adapt products from our current assortment to meet your demands or help you set up a completely new label from scratch. 

2. Your own packaging and design support

Attractive packaging is crucial. We work with our own in-house design department which develops packaging for our brands and all our customers’ private labels. They design attractive packaging with the stopping power you need!

3. Value for money

Thanks to our solid relationships with our suppliers, combined with our large volumes its possible for us to get competitive prices and establish a priority position with our suppliers. Our knowledge of local markets and focus on operational excellence, enable us to create our broad and attractive assortment at a competitive price.

4. Flexible logistic solutions

We offer flexible logistic solutions to meet the demands and wishes of every customer; from delivery from stock in Europe to FOB delivery directly from China.

5. Mixed containers

With our mixed container concept we enable you to combine up to three Tristar products in one container. You’ll only pay for container costs, logistical handling and LCL consignment once, instead of three times. Thanks to our mixed containers you can order the quantities you need while keeping stock levels and freight costs low.

6. Latest IT solutions

We make it possible for you to place and monitor your orders online whenever it suits you. To increase the ease of ordering, we can arrange drop shipments and work with different IT solutions such as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Even though we use the latest IT solutions, our employees will always maintain a close relationship with our customers and consumers to ensure good service and satisfaction every step of the way!